Sunday School

Worship with Pastor Sharon Smith

Dinner Service with Baltimore Station

How Then Must We Live
“New York, New York, it’s a helluva town. The Bronx is up, and the battery’s down. The people ride in a hole in the ground. New York, New York….”I grew up near New York City. The city has never frightened me. Rather, it has fascinated me, re-energized me, recharged me,  Read more >

Growth 7/30
Creation, everywhere is in the process of becoming, of evolving, of changing, of growing—or of fighting it. Think first of the seasons, an endless cycle of birth, bud, blossom, leaf, falling, dying and rebirth. That cycle, like the pattern of our heartbeats or the ocean’s tides, is built into the rhythm of our life. Growth is inherent; the promise of the new life is always present. Yet, because of irrationality and fear, when it comes to our own growth, we see it as a threat. For becoming something new means leaving something behind. That is why it is promising and threatening, exciting and terrifying. Read more >

Saving Private Ryan
St Laurent Military Graveyard, Normandy France, 1998. “Immaculately trimmed hedge grows, high enough to block all else from view, edged the pathway. Up ahead, grandpa—in his plaid shirt and gray slacks and socks and sandals—was padding quickly down the tunnel of green, and little Jimmy—at seven the youngest—could hardly keep up. Read more >

Weekly Reflections

Gatherer's Favorites

I Dream A Church
I remember when going to church was a big deal. You started thinking about it on Saturday night. Well you didn’t think about church, really. You thought about what you would wear. You made sure that you had a handbag to match your shoes. You didn’t think about all the other things you had to do on Sunday morning because there wasn’t that much else to do on Sunday morning. Read more >

Reading the Bible Again... 10/15
We love stories, narrative, drama. Story is everywhere. We hear stories from the time we are born. There is, of course, the proverbial bedtime story. How many times have you heard one or read one? There are nursery rhymes Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet, and we know what happened to them. There are fairy tales old—Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty—and fairy tales new—starring Shrek and Woody and Buzz Lightyear. You know: the world of “happily ever after”.  There are the stories that teach us to imagine, to dream, and, eventually, hopefully, to read. And once we do read our life can be story filled with the Bobbsy Twins and Ann of Green Gables, with the Hardy Boys and Harry Potter, Nancy Drew and Vampires skulking in the twilight. Read more >

Making Confetti Out of Labels
John walks through the door and extends his hand to the stranger. As the stranger shakes it he says: “You’re tall.” To the 6’7” John, this is not news. But rather than responding with the elegant sarcasm of which he is capable, John, being the kind, Christian soul that he is, says simply: “Yes, I am.” John has been told he is tall hundreds of time, but one does not have to tell him. He knows. Tall is a label with which John lives. Read more >

The God of Violence 8/6
The history of the world can be viewed from many perspectives. One of those perspectives is the history of violence, of violence to the “other”, of violence to the family, of violence to the self, of violence to the earth and all that lives upon on it. Someone is always berating, beating or butchering someone or something else. That is why we have words in our vocabulary like slaughter, massacre, holocaust, terrorist, genocide. Read more >