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Choosing to Name Your Demons 2/28/21
Whether it is a brand new argument among medical experts or an age old argument among theologians, whether it is someone suffering from a paralyzing depression or someone clandestinely seeking an exorcist, throughout history women and men have suffered by what we sometimes call the demonic. Some of us believe in the cosmic forces that look like the dark spirits rising up from the dying murderers in Ghost. Some of us say: no such thing.  Read more >

And He Came to Himself 2/21/21
There is, perhaps, no parable in the New Testament more beloved, more discussed, more interpreted, more preached on, more alluded to, more simply popular than the story of the Prodigal Son. There’s the father and whom he represents. There is the justifiable ire of the elder brother who has been running the family business and chauffeuring dad and mom to the chiropractor and pharmacy while his kid brother has been hanging out at Hooters and guzzling down the Coors.  Read more >

I Dream A Church
I remember when going to church was a big deal. You started thinking about it on Saturday night. Well you didn’t think about church, really. You thought about what you would wear. You made sure that you had a handbag to match your shoes. You didn’t think about all the other things you had to do on Sunday morning because there wasn’t that much else to do on Sunday morning. Read more >

Choosing to Listen 2/7/21
Let me begin with a Sunday School lesson. I do this because most of
us do not know this story, and we all need to know this story. Here goes.
In the history of Israel, Samuel is very, very important. He is, in fact,
pivotal. And nothing that happens to him or because of him would have
happened if he had not finally listened to that voice. What a story. It is a time
in Israel’s history before there are kings. Judges rule. Samuel is under the
care and guidance of the priest Eli. 
Read more >

Saving Private Ryan
St Laurent Military Graveyard, Normandy France, 1998. “Immaculately trimmed hedge grows, high enough to block all else from view, edged the pathway. Up ahead, grandpa—in his plaid shirt and gray slacks and socks and sandals—was padding quickly down the tunnel of green, and little Jimmy—at seven the youngest—could hardly keep up. Read more >

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How Then Must We Live
“New York, New York, it’s a helluva town. The Bronx is up, and the battery’s down. The people ride in a hole in the ground. New York, New York….”I grew up near New York City. The city has never frightened me. Rather, it has fascinated me, re-energized me, recharged me,  Read more >

Making Confetti Out of Labels
John walks through the door and extends his hand to the stranger. As the stranger shakes it he says: “You’re tall.” To the 6’7” John, this is not news. But rather than responding with the elegant sarcasm of which he is capable, John, being the kind, Christian soul that he is, says simply: “Yes, I am.” John has been told he is tall hundreds of time, but one does not have to tell him. He knows. Tall is a label with which John lives. Read more >

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