At the Gathering of Baltimore, we give of our financial resources to fully participate in God’s mission to spread the message of Jesus Christ, to share the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and to reconcile the world to God the Father.  Funding is used to enable the work of the church in ministry, service, and fellowship.

All can give to support and participate in the mission of The Gathering of Baltimore, whether a member or friend.  Each person who gives receives an annual giving statement as evidence of contributions for tax purposes.

Anyone may contribute to the Gathering during worship, through the mail to the church office, or online with a credit card of your existing PayPal account. 

Why We Give

Dinner Service with Baltimore Station




Sunday School

Worship with Pastor Sharon Smith

How To Give

Who Can Give

Make check out to:
The Gathering of Baltimore

Mail to:

The Gathering of Baltimore
47 East Timonium Road, Timonium, MD 21093